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Why and How Wet Sanding Canvas or Ground Makes a Difference

Not a few artists recommend wet sanding a canvas or ground before painting an artwork on the medium as a preparatory step in ensuring smoothness of a surface.

The technique is usually recommended when gesso or a coat of paint is applied as background. While waiting for the ground to dry, dust could accumulate and stiffen on the surface. Such flaws become noticeable only when subsequent applications of other paint colors become difficult to spread or blend evenly on the affected area.

However, when following this preparatory technique, there are some important aspects to take note of, in order to achieve the right results.

Things to Consider When Wet Sanding a Ground

Ground, which is short for background, is the initial layer of paint applied on canvas, paper or wood. It can either be covered with other paint medium or left visible in the finished artwork.

It’s important to take note that there is a specific type of sandpaper for wet sanding purposes. Sometimes called waterproof sandpaper, waterproof abrasive paper or in some cases wet-dry paper, it’s specifically used for smoothing out a surface rather than for contouring. When wet sanding a canvas or ground, use a waterproof sandpaper because its paper backing, even when wet, is not likely to diffuse color that could interfere with the surface paint.

Use a 150 grit or higher, up to a middle ground of 220 wet sandpaper, while sanding with light, circular motions and occasionally spritzing water with a spray mister. The importance of sanding with circular motions is that the technique avoids rubbing abrasive material on any one area repeatedly. Doing so with vertical sweeps could result in over sanding, which could make the canvas or paper turn brittle and later cause the subsequent color media to crack.

If you’re to wet sand a larger surface, let’s say a wall for a mural art or to custom paint the body of a car or motorbike, consider using a dual action sander (a.k.a da sander). Since a larger area will be wet sanded, using a powered sanding tool will make the process less tedious and faster to accomplish.

Moreover, a dual action sander is versatile to use, as it allows switching between wet sanding and polishing a paint coated area in circular or orbital motions. That way you’ll be painting on an ultra smooth wall surface on which to paint a mural, or a car body part on which to airbrush customized artwork.

If you want to know more about dual action sanders, checkout this review webpage, as the info provided can also help you identify the best da sander to use for art projects.


Cleaning after Painting

Whenever you’re painting around your house there’s always a chance of casual paint spills. Once an accidental paint spills happens you want to understand the most efficient way of cleaning this up correctly so that’s does not do any permanent damage to the surface which it had been spilled on. Here are a couple hints about how to correctly wash latex paint clogs from several surfaces.

On the inside, the most frequent surface now is carpeting. In case you’ve got a casual paint spill on carpeting first thing to do would be to wash up all of the surplus paint with a clean, dry rag. When removing the paint, take care not to rub the paint to the carpeting since this is only going to push it farther in the carpet fibers. Rather dab the paint being careful not to spread out the spill any farther. You might have to use a few clean rags to completely eliminate all of the extra paint. When you’ve cleaned up all of the surplus paint, now apply a different wash rag and warm water to wash the rest of the paint from the carpeting. Use the identical method that you just did before and dab on the wet rag onto the paint to stop the paint from dispersing anymore.

The more quickly you can achieve so the better your odds are to get a total removal of the paint with no damage to your hardwood flooring. When you’ve washed the stained paint with warm detergent and water, use fresh paper towels to soak up any residual detergent and water in the surface.

If you’re painting on the outside of your house, the most frequent spot to get a paint spill is on concrete, including a sidewalk or drive. Whether this kind of spill happens, the very first thing to do is attempt to contain the spill. To do so use paper and set it around the outside of the spilled paint. Next, when you’ve kitty litter, put kitty litter within the spilled paint that will aid in soaking up the surplus paint and help in preventing the spill from spreading any farther. After letting the kitty litter to endure to the paint simmer for 10-15 minutes, then shovel up the kitty litter in a container and dispose of correctly. When you’ve thoroughly cleaned all of the paint, then use your garden hose to wash off any remaining residue. Should you by chance get a asphalt driveway it’s possible to cover any residual stains using a dark driveway sealant. Check cleaning services [ شركة تنظيف بالطائف ] near you to have it professionally cleaned. It might worsen if you do it yourself sometimes.

Just don’t forget, in case you’ve got a casual paint spill the more quickly you can act to clean up it the better your chances are for total removal. Dried paint is significantly more challenging to eliminate than wet paint.

How Sex Boost One’s Creativity

A lot of people feel tired after having intercourse, with young couples utilizing up 85kCal of power. Further, studies have shown that people undergo emotional traitslike irritability after sex, while others undergo a crisis distinguished as post-coital dysphoria as well. Given these circumstances, the notion that sex could improve your strength, creativity and accuracy may at first seem odd.

 Here are some ideas that sex can help to explain.

Inspiration: Whether it includes doing physical activities, getting up to go to work, cooking, or doing something creative, inspiration can be a priceless aid to getting things fast.

Openness to experience (OTE): There are five important personality traits that have been examined, and one of them is being open to the experience. This word is specifically what it suggests — the nature of being interested, fascinated, and occupied in something new.

Action: Improve your sexual systems. It’s not just about sexual situations or sex toys, but also the circumstances in which you have intercourse(bedroom vs. dining room vs. a night away). Sexual intercourse provides you the chance to be open in private as well, thereby providing you with sufficient training for the rest of life.

Hobbies: Hobbies have been believed to improve success amongst specialists, particularly if they compare to the primary work.

Tinkering: When we study tinkering, we believe of someone with a car fidgeting with the electrical method or motor. But sex also provides several possibilities to tinker too.

Sex doesn’t have to be great all the time. Seldom, people attempt, and either they feel too awkward, or they can’t stimulate their partner adequately. But the goal doesn’t always have to be hitting the climax.

Surrender: You can’t ordinarily attempt to orgasm. Being carried over by the heat of the time is something to permit, but most of the time, people get grounded in their thoughts and are powerless to let go.

Action: Use metaphors to permit yourself to drift into the sexual encounter. Either think of yourself swimming in a pool, or use breathing out as a method of supervising your mind toward surrender.

Principles of visual design

These elements are naturally present in any good layout design. For fourteen year olds looking for gifts, design can play an important role.

Reification and Closure

Humans can recognize objects even if parts of them are missing. That is reification. Closing forces you to see a white square in the next subject instead of four broken circles in the picture. Your brain compares what you see with familiar patterns deposited in your memory.

The relative size and the figure-ground relationship

As the name suggests, there is always a layout or a reason and there is always a figure above it. The trick is that you can swap the figure and the reasons to show the items you want.

White space

Spaces are not exactly the spaces. You are just that space on the canvas where there is no element. The spaces, sometimes called negative spaces, help designers emphasize important information while separating different types of information. White space is one of the most important and important design principles.


You have seen the importance of alignment in all facets of your life. Whether it is architectural structures, food display, clothing, room layout, layout design or a hardware design that you are talking about in this principle. Alignment offers your design a calm look and makes the page easier to read. This also helps group the text logically to highlight the hierarchy of elements. The most important and easiest way to follow this rule is for consistency.


It means to distinguish one thing from another. It can be done in a number of ways, except just with contrasting colors. This can be done with completely different text, with different sizes and of course with contrasting colors. This is mainly done to get the reader’s attention or to focus on something important.


This is the arrangement of elements to bring the reader’s attention first to the main elements and then to the less important and then the less important than before.


Another way to become consistent is repetition. You can use a color palette and use the colors all over the place in your layout. You can also use a specific header or text style to create a similar type of content. This also makes it easier for the reader to understand the content of your layout.

Create An Online Presence With A Good Website Design

With today’s highly technological and digital age, it is imperative for businesses to have an online presence as most consumers today are connected to the Internet and search the World Wide Web for product and services that will meet their needs and wants. This makes a business website a vital element in order to have the presence online.

Establish An Online Presence With A Good Web Design

For instance, if you require the service of a wildlife removal professional in your area, you simply type in the right keywords in the search engine of a web browser and you will promptly be provided with a list of companies located in your area., for example, provides expert wildlife removal service in Mobile, Alabama keeping your homes safe and secure from wildlife, such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, and bats. Visit their website and you will learn more about the services they offer as well as the process they take to carry out the job. Furthermore, you also get to read feedbacks and comments from previous clients to show how reliable and trustworthy they are. These are some important content to have in a business website in order for consumers to know what kind of business you are running as well as how you are faring in the market.

Web Design And User Experience

While relevant and useful content is important, your web design, including the utility and usability of your site, also plays a crucial role in the success of your business website. Your website is your digital door for consumers to enter and look into what your store or company has to offer. Hence, make certain that your website is carefully designed to give your customers a good first impression not only of your business but of your brand as well.

A business website that is designed well can also help you increase your conversion rates. Even if you have an excellent conversion strategy, this won’t get you far if your website is designed poorly. Bear in mind that a good business website doesn’t only mean how your website looks but also how it functions. A website that has a simple design but with outstanding usability and utility usually performs better than an excellent looking website with poor user experience. Therefore, it is important that you take note of user experience when creating your web design.

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Designers

Despite some powerful competition, the iPhone has been among the best smartphone for designers. Apple’s pocket-sized marvel may be a fairly handy design instrument. Together with the finest iPhone programs, it may package a few real punches from the studio. Check your iPhone or go to an iPhone repair shop for any upgrade or fixes.

Here’s a list of the best iPhone Apps for designers:

Get Adobe Creative Cloud

So if you intend to do a little bit of sketching about the move, are following a specific instrument to help your everyday layout work, or want to make matters more seriously with something that will assist you to handle your jobs, time, and cash, there is a fantastic choice of must-have programs right here.

Procreate Pocket

Procreate has been established since the go-to artwork program for its iPad, but on the iPhone’s smaller display it is always felt a bit too fiddly to be well worth the attempt. The most recent version, however, is a far more rewarding experience, with a redesigned interface and a habit QuickMenu that enables you to instantly access your favorite tools.


If you’d like a fast and effortless means to produce authentic-looking pixel artwork, Retrospecs is the best decoration alternative. Only feed it photographs and movie clips from the phone and it’s going pixelate them to seem as though they would on many home computers and games consoles in the 1970s through to the 1990s, covering everything in the Sinclair ZX Spectrum through the Sega Mega Drive.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Packed with all of the energy that designers have come to expect from Adobe, this program also includes all of the favorite drawing tools and attributes out of Adobe Ideas. Adobe Illustrator Draw is full of everything illustrators will need to deliver layered and flat art, permitting you to draw vectors; accessibility high-res, royalty-free pictures; and sync resources to look on your workflow where you want them.


This official program from the olden days of color functions as an electronic swatch book, such as over 10,000 colors from the Pantone Plus Series and outside. You may use it to match colors in photographs, create harmonious color palettes then share then sync them with your layout applications programs of selection.


When this picture gets your pulse racing, you will need Exify. Among the finest iPhone programs for expert photographers, Exify is a lot of tools instead of an editor or camera. Fire it up and you may easily delve into the fine details of your pics: Background information; picture size; color space; vulnerability.

There are charts for histograms, time, and location information, in addition to a magnifier for getting up close and personal with each small detail of your iPhone snaps.

Banner Printing for Ads

Banners are among the best small business tools nowadays. Although, this advertising method wasn’t too popular sooner. However, now that companies have examined the energy of banner printing nyc – it’s no longer an overlooked thing. Custom printed banner ads are an wonderful way to boost a company logo/service. There are a variety of reasons as to why and banner printing gained a lot of recognition in the nyc marketplace.

Offline marketing remains the backbone of companies. They include up to the modern advertising channels like social media and programs. Streets, trade fairs, and conventions from the highlight the very best of what brands may provide, through various kinds of printed banner ads. Various companies adapt to various kinds of promotional banner ads. Here’s a listing of most popular banner kinds Which You Can adapt to your company depending upon your taste…

  • Paper Banners Printing: Banners which are published on paper are known as paper banners. On account of their low resistance power towards outside aspects, they’re best suited to indoor use. They are normally superbly printed with vibrant colours. These banners are often available in smaller dimensions. They’re popularly utilized in the kind of sales banner ads.
  • Vinyl Banner Printing: The most acceptable kind of banner ads which could be used for indoor and outdoor occasions is vinyl banner ads. Printed on vinyl material, these banners can be personalized to enormous dimensions. A favorite kind of those banners is your pop-up banner.

It compels the ink to go all of the way through the cloth for better colours and lighter prints. Roll-up banners are a very favorite kind of polyester cloth banners.

These hot banner types may be used to attain different advertising and marketing goals for organization, advertising, in addition to personal use. And now you have a better comprehension of the significance of printed banner ads in advertisements, we advise that you see for you to publicize your company too.


How Graphics Design is Beneficial to Your Work

Photography, design, typography and movement graphics—graphic design generates and combine these features into creative images that get attention, market goods and assistance, and introduced new businesses. In other words, the graphic design supports your company in a lot of ways. Some may even shock you:

1. Employee satisfaction and richness
All happy, strong workplaces result in a powerful heart of brand name. Employees adopt and pledge to the organization’s mark, and are exalted to be a part of it. As a result, that buy-in commitment results to more contented, fruitful employees  تنزيل المال. Good graphic design encourages a great brand identity—by considering a company’s vision—that pervades a lot of things from company websites and information to corporation cards and staff garments.

3. Protects money
Even if you have a restricted shopping budget, it returns to invest in great visual design. Less expensive design usually implies weak design. And badly created graphics can be costly. That may sound counterintuitive, but without the talent of a trained graphic designer you may result with a product that does not print legibly, is costly to print due to color superintendence or layout difficulties, or is not formatted correctly for print or online publishing.

4. High-quality visuals enhance observer communication
Want to improve your company’s social media traffic, likes and followers? How about item sales and client base? Whether it’s e-newsletters and websites, blogs and social media, or printed elements—high-quality visuals get recognition at a much better rate than reinforcements utilizing bad-quality, stock or imaginary imaging.

5. Visual communication: it’s more than a hype
Every calling hour, most of us are overwhelmed with data from mobile telephones, networks, TV, radio, advertisements, brochures and more. And our concentration measures are getting quicker because of it. To maintain marketing efforts efficient in spite of this social revolution, companies now have only a short time to get viewers’ attention and retain it. Images are the best solution.

How to Improve Visual Content for Your Brand

Visuals are crucial to generating content that will help your company stand out and draw an audience. Does vision make text-centric content more readable, readable, and unforgettable, but it may be used to craft persuasive messages which speak volumes without even using one phrase – just ask anyone who has submitted a photograph on Instagram, tweeted a meme to share their feelings, or generated an Instagram video to share some memorable moment with friends.

Considering how quickly visual trends come and go along with just how frequently new innovative platforms and capacities emerge, it is always worth taking a new look at how you can allow your brand’s photographs, videos, and images to do the speaking. Below, I have compiled a group of best-practice hints from a few of the industry’s most innovative and design-minded content specialists, together with a couple of best-in-show illustrations to inspire you to set your brand’s eyesight on screen. You could also get ideas from YouTube by watching and learn How to download Youtube videos as mp4 file format.

Align Your Visual Narrative with your Content Advertising plan

Posting a photograph or video on the internet and awaiting the company offers to begin rolling up isn’t an effective approach. Neither is hinging your visual content achievement on producing the upcoming viral occurrence. Like every material promoting format, you need to have a persuasive justification for communication with your audience through visual storytelling, in addition to a very clear plan for turning perspectives into meaningful marketing effects.

Know the Principles of Great Design

While the abundance of DIY layout tools available on the internet and social websites can give nearly anyone the ability to produce visual content (see No. 9 under ), they do not necessarily supply the know-how to perform it nicely.  Give your vision space to breathe: Failing to leave white space between your graphics may create a page that looks cluttered and difficult to follow, causing your articles to become more of a distraction than an appeal for your viewers. To present your core components some breathing space, Midori urges removing pictures that don’t add to the visual dialog and enlarging the distance between unrelated components to describe page structure. Use different content formats such as videos, images and infogrpahics.

Avoid Generic Stock Photos

Utilizing professional photographers and high-definition camera gear is 1 way to approach excellent image production, as their abilities and skills can frequently help your manufacturer tell richer and more compelling stories.  As one super-meta instance, consider the Be on Fyre parody video made by Shutterstock as part of an It is Not Stock effort.

Repurpose Advice and Insights as Artwork

Content marketers can accommodate their hottest audio or written content to compelling visuals – such as data-driven formats such as infographics, graphs, or checklists. Not only is it a superb way to draw new attention to evergreen content, but besides, it can help create your manufacturer’s insights more readable, memorable, and shareable.

How can you envision your own brand experience?

These thoughts are simply the tip of the iceberg — there are scores of ways material marketers may use artwork to draw viewers’ attention, showcase the brand’s character, and create content that is  more readable and engaging.


Five Tools To Help You Design Your Own Video Game

Video games and their awesome visual design (such as those found at are among the few things that a child dreams to do. And even for an adult who is a huge fan of video gaming, creating your own game could be something worth doing.

Building your own computer game seems more difficult than it is. Of course, we are not talking about a game like Call of Duty, but making a basic game should work. Especially if you now have the time in the world due to all this inconvenience. To make your own game you only need a few tools. Below you will find 5 free tools that will get you started.


CryEngine is known as the program that pioneered the original Far Cry from 2004. This caused a huge increase in popularity for CryEngine. It is a Crytek platform that is intended for making 3D games. The editor is available for Windows only and is free until a project earns more than $ 5000 in a year.


GDevelop is an open-source 2D game builder. Building your first video game with the help of this tool is not as impossible as it may seem. The tool helps you build video games even if you can’t program. With this program, you can build all kinds of games. Think, for example, of games, puzzles, and, for example, bullet shooters. GDevelop works with Windows, MacOS, Linux and also has a web version available. As a result, almost anyone can get started with it.


Amazon’s Lumberyard is a combination of various game development tools and the storage space of the AWS cloud. This platform is based on an older version of CryEngine and is available for Windows. Lumberyard was a popular video game building tool but has lost some popularity with the advent of other tools. Still, this free tool has many (new) features to build good cross-platform games.


Do you want to build a video game with an intuitive and flexible tool? Then Godot might be what you are looking for. Godot has a community of developers who swear by this more indie-esque tool. The tool is intended for building 2D and 3D video games and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. One of the advantages of this tool is that it has a large number of free text tutorials that help you get started with topics like VR, 2D animation, and other specific topics.


With Ren’py your visual and interactive stories come to life. This open-source video game tool works for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. To learn how to use this program, a free tutorial on Ren’Py is available on the website. But those who do a bit of searching on Google and YouTube will find many more useful tips and tricks.

Today, anything is possible including creating your own game. With these various tools online, you can actually enhance your creativity and come up with the best games you can ever make with your own visual design.

Beauty: Flaws and Lackings

There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but what if you are full of insecurities and you keep on comparing yourself to other people? What should be done to be contented with the beauty one has and appreciate it even more than other people?

Women are likely to always see themselves to other people and then get disappointed after realizing that they are not good enough. Bringing themselves down and even losing the gained self-esteem. Worst, bring other women down as well instead of lifting each others up.

Why is that so?

Because.. we are living in a world where people set their standards high and we are afraid of not reaching them or not being qualified. We purchase a lot of beauty products, wear heavy make-up, imitate the way they dress, adjust the wardrobes we have just to follow the trend. These things are not bad, these are actually normal. What actually is not right is doing these things just for other people or to please everyone. Because the right thing to do is to please yourself.

Pleasing yourself means having so much self-love. You will not be able to be true to others if you are not genuine to yourself. Trusting your guts is really important because it is also having faith on you and letting other people see that you are good. This is not a pretention at all. It is simply acceptance of your own flaws and embracing it, coming out of your shell and making yourself comfortable with what you actually have.

Branded make-ups, best cologne for women, sexy clothes, elegant ones, are expensive. Products might work, actually it will really work. Visually, physically you will be confident. However, it will always go back on how you really feel about yourself, which, is the most important thing one should consider before giving other people some love.

Measure the effects of visual designs

There are numerous approaches to measuring the effects of visual designs. And the nice thing about it: These approaches and procedures are not art, they are the classic craft of a market researcher or user researcher. The craft that you can learn and in which you get better and better by gaining experience. You can show this experience when buying car parts at biltipset.

The approaches, which differ in details, show a similar, methodical approach. People from the target group are interviewed, for example, represented using segmentation or persona approaches.

The process of a visual design test is typically structured in 5-6 phases

  1. The visual design is displayed for approx. 5 seconds.
  2. You will be asked about “Likes & Dislike”.
  3. The design can now be viewed as long as desired by the respondent.
  4. Ratings are then collected. Standardized, tested measuring instruments such as the VisAWI are used. Typical assessment dimensions are:
  • attractiveness
  • colorfulness
  • clarity
  • Craftsmanship
  • novelty
  • stimulation.

5. Finally, the design is shown again. Based on core brand values ​​and the intended design effects, the study participants can select adjectives that describe the design from their point of view.

Well prepared, professionally carried out and analyzed, a standardized design test provides clarity and knowledge in order to make decisions. The latter, however, requires that comparative values ​​are available, either from a benchmarking database or by comparing different design drafts in a test run.

Measuring visual designs in terms of their immediate effects – that’s pretty easy. It is much more difficult to justify the measured effects and make them explainable.

Explain the effects of visual designs

Visual designers have a well-stocked toolbox. Designers consciously select objective design elements in order to evoke the desired subjective assessments in the viewer. They know about the effects of colors, shapes, structures, arrangements, and surfaces. Visual designers know both the laws of design and the basic principles of aesthetics. Equipped with a certain level of professional experience, these are the central principles for creating effective visual designs.

And although this is the case, it has not yet been possible to develop a theory that can predict the aesthetic effects of visual designs. And that despite numerous researches into empirical aesthetics, starting with Gustav Theodor Fechner in the 18th century. Empirical aesthetics still occupies a marginal position today, both in psychology and in the arts.

An Engaging Visual

Visual is a major player in engaging the attention of anyone and for digital marketers, turning the heads of the people is one of the hardest tasks to undertake.

How can you get the attention of the people? Here are some quick visual design principles to help you become more engaged in the public eye.