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What Makes A Good Website Design For A Moving Company

When people look for movers, movers orange county ca, whether it’s for a residential or commercial move, they of course want to hire the best of the best not only to make certain all of their possessions are handled with care, but also to have a positive and smooth moving experience.

First impressions do matter a lot. With people looking online for the best local moving company in their area, such as movers orange county ca, your website is your front door to your company so it is imperative to give your potential clients a positive first impression. An out-of-date looking website with low-quality images, grammatical and spelling errors, complicated navigation layout and channels are a few of the reasons that can increase your bounce back rate and lose potential clients.

Apart from having an excellent visual design, user experience as well as making certain all needed and vital information are easy to locate, your moving company’s website also have to stand out from the competition as well as drive leads. 

What Makes A Good Website?

To have a website that is well-designed, you don’t only consider the overall look. You also need to have a clear goal as well be concise and direct in your content and pages. Moreover, having a good website would mean being straightforward in the information and details you provide about your business, what you offer, and how they can contact you. With the increase use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, your website also has to be mobile responsive. This means that your website can automatically adjust to any screen size and still remain fully functional.

Web Design Tips For Your Moving Company

With that, here are a few web designs tips to consider for you to create a good first impression as well as for your moving company to stand out from your competitors.

Unique Website Design

Having a website design that is unique will help your business stand out from your competitors. While many likes it simple, be brave to make use of bold layouts, fonts and colors, provided that there is balance and harmony in your combinations and that your website is readable and easy to navigate. High-quality phots are also imperative.

Visible Contact Details

When you put your contact details, make certain that it can easily be found and seen. Making it clickable is also best so your potential clients can immediately get in touch with you. Frequently, phone calls make higher quality leads compared to simple form leads.

Include Associations You Belong To And Awards You’re Received

People look for the best legitimate moving companies, hence it is important that you include in your business web design the logos of the associations and/or organizations you belong to, as well as accreditations and awards you company have received. This will put your potential customers at ease knowing that you are legitimate, experienced professionals in the moving industry.

Provide A Quick Estimate Form

 Some may not have time to get in touch with you, but do have the time to fill in a form for a quick estimate of the cost of your service. So, include a quick estimate form in every page of your website and other call-to-action buttons.