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Visual Design Slide: Add Breaking News

By using news, you can relate your visual design topic to a current event. This will reinforce the relevance of your google slides and give you a good start to your presentation.

Visual design slide with news but relevant and up-to-date

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Look for hot topics about which there is currently public reporting or discussion, for example in the news on radio and television, in the daily newspaper, in magazines, in online media or on social media. To do this, look through the news daily. Especially when you are working on a lecture or a presentation and are mentally involved in the topic, you will easily notice a cross-connection.

Which news from the fields of business, politics, culture or sport could be related to your visual design topic? Consider what is still perceived as current at the time of your presentation. Some events lose their topicality very quickly, others can still provide a useful reference after two to three years or even longer.

In perception, time is relative. Some events seem amazingly topical, even though they were a few years ago.

If your presentation has a visual design background, visual design journals provide reputable sources to back up your arguments. You can also look for regional references for your appearance

Example for your visual design presentation

If your presentation is about the right visual design for a company, you could analyze the slogans of companies advertising their products or services. Are these messages that get through? What can you learn from the examples for your own work?

Visual design slide: Back up the news with pictures

It is good if you take a picture of the article in question or take a screenshot on the computer and then show the photo on the screen or monitor. This increases the credibility and brings the viewer straight into the subject. Don’t forget to mention the source.

Tip: Receive automatic updates of news and messages on your presentation topic. There are now a number of automatic services that search the Internet for news on specific search terms.

Finding the right news for your visual design topic is a lengthy process, but it does improve your own presentation performance.