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Guide to Social Media Visual Design

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are great places for businesses to interact directly with real individuals who support them.WEBINT solution This is where you build relationships. You create content that entertains your followers and increases your brand awareness at the same time. As valuable as social media is, it is also competitive. The moment you publish content, it becomes part of an uninterrupted stream of content.

Your content not only competes with the content of others but also with the platform’s algorithm. Only the strong survive on social media. But the good news is that great social media graphics are the best tools in your arsenal for creating memorable and engaging content. The growing significance of social media creates threats as well. This is why webint solution has become indispensable for modern businesses.

Social media visual design and WEBINT solution overview

Before you get started with your social media visual design

  • Plan your social media design strategy
  • List your designs, create briefs, and plan them out
  • Make a note of the content sizes and dimensions for each social media platform

Visual design: Tips for designing your social media page

  • Profile picture design
  • Cover picture design
  • Layout design of the profile page
  • Platform-specific profile branding

Guidelines for social media visual design

  • Design content that is useful to your followers
  • Bring different types of design into your content
  • Create a balance between the individual content and your profile page
  • Design themed content and templates
  • Customize your design based on analysis

WEBINT solution and tips for the visual design of your social media page

Now that you have a strategy in place, you are ready to make your social media profiles a success.

The goal of your profile page is to tell potential followers who you are. While your bio should explain this in a few short sentences, the design of your profile will do so visually using colors, shapes, and images to express your brand identity. That means avoiding graphics that don’t move within your branding guidelines or are just pretty to look at. If you choose images for your profile page, you need to critically examine what story each graphic tells about you and make sure that this narrative is consistent across all platforms. Make use of web intelligence to avoid threats to your social media page.