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How Does Visual Design Work?

Meaningful brands have a strong and recognizable visual design.

They know exactly in which style and with which visual language they can best and most consistently convey their brand story. But, exactly, what is visual design? And how do you create a visually stunning design? Here are few explanations to help you understand what visual design!

What is visual design

The visual design of a brand is an umbrella for all visual expressions that you have as a brand. The visual design of your brand is about everything the world of your brand will see: color, typography and logo are fixed parts of it. But, as soon as you start making things, there is of course a lot more to it: does your brand have products that are in packaging? Are you a museum with signage? Do you sell tickets for concerts? The visual design therefore gives direction to the visual side of everything you do, and includes all visual expressions of your brand.

The impact of having a strong visual design
Strong visual design ensures a recognizable and own brand image like ‘ Beaverton in Oregon ‘ they make sure their product image is safe and can be trusted. In this way you ensure that you stand out in the world of brands and that people remember you. But also that your brand identity and concept are implemented in the visual aspect of your brand. That the target group associates your color and style with the underlying values ​​and identity that match theirs. A strong visual design gives your target group the opportunity to build a bond with your brand through its recognizable and meaningful appearance.

How do you achieve a strong visual design?
From the brand identity and brand concept the is brand experience created. A large and important part of this is your visual design. The process of designing the visual design is therefore about the visual translation of the identity and the concept. In addition, strong visual design is very user-friendly: the target group is always central here too. That is why it is important to know who he / she is and what he / she needs. Some visual artist respond quickly to this when developing a visual design.

Your brand as a total experience
In concrete terms, Visual designers work consists of creating the brand identity , the brand concept and the brand experience of brands and ensuring that they are in balance with each other. In this way they ensure that what you give, what your brand stands for, is experienced in everything you do. Your brand as a total experience. From brand values to brand positioning . From brand promise to brand story . And from tone of voice and visual design.