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Promote Online Design Tool Providers with Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Visual Art Blogs

Graphic designers provide important services in creating promotional and marketing materials aimed at establishing the identity of an entity by way of images. Yet today, in the digital space, anyone can be a graphic designer as there are now online graphic creation tools to use. However, not everyone is aware that they exist.

If you are into blogging about visual arts, promoting websites offering such tools to your readers, is a blog-monetization opportunity you shouldn’t miss. While graphic designs matter, not everyone can afford to hire professional designers, especially if their need for images is not for business marketing purposes.

Some non-profit organizations simply want to create banners and/or leaflets when campaigning for a social movement or in inviting people to join a civic project. Having a good  visual design that immediately communicates a purpose or goal can help the campaign or project attract more supporters, participants, and even donors. Adding a logo can also be useful when looking to print t-shirts, souvenirs and other paraphernalia that identifies with the movement or project. Actually there is no limit to the uses of graphic design, except of course, when budget is a concern.

As a visual arts blogger, you can be of service to readers and people looking for solutions on how to beautify their materials, by directing them to the sites that offer the use of online graphic design and image editing tools.

Check out the sites mentioned below as examples, as these are the ones that offer commissions by way of an affiliate marketing program. You have to apply to become a participant. Upon receiving a notification that your application has been approved, you will be provided with a code to use as your referral link. It will redirect your reader or visitor to the online graphic design website mentioned in your blog post.

Examples of Online Graphic Design Websites with Affiliate Marketing Programs

Snappa offers user-friendly online tools that enable even those without designing capabilities to create professionally designed images to add to social media posts, blogs and advertisements.

Easil – This provider offers a user-friendly drag and drop design tool for creating visual content like posters, banners and flyers. PicMonkey Is an another provider of tools for non-professional designers looking to create eye-catching graphics for marketing and social media purposes.

Pixlr – This website also offers tools for photo editing in addition to design creations. You can recommend this to readers with basic or advanced knowledge in design creation. If you succeed in convincing a referral to become a premium subscriber for a monthly plan, you stand to receive a monthly commission from your referral’s monthly subscription payments.

Placeit – Many know this website as a provider of mockups or models of a device or design, used for educational or evaluation purposes. The website has since transitioned into providing design creation tools online for various levels and designing capabilities.

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