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Logo Design : An Important Addition to the Business Trade Name

Coming up with a business logo is not a trivial matter because a visual element added to a business name helps customers remember a particular brand they like. Imageries, especially if they are distinct and compelling, are easy to recall.

Yet if a business logo doesn’t convey the right impression that customers generally look for in a specific product or service, it could also serve as a basis for instant rejection.

Trade names definitely need a visual element that could easily pop into people’s head after seeing them in websites, promotional materials and advertisements. While brand names must always convey a positive connotation, the business logo attached to the brand name must give a quick impression about the characteristics of the product or service the business offers.

Choosing an Icon or Symbol

Let’s say you are trying to think of a logo design for a towing company, keep in mind that there are different types of towing services being offered. Some are more focused in helping private property owners protect their estate against illegal parking.

Some others are dedicated to providing towing services to financing companies looking to repossess vehicles from defaulting customers.
Choosing images of hooks and winches as logo design can very well convey such purposes, as potential customers will prefer those who appear properly equipped to perform the removal of illegally parked vehicles in their property. An image of a modern tow truck as logo can instantly denote high tech methods.

While many towing businesses perform vehicle recovery for any reason, there are those that make a distinction by providing roadside assistance that can make the vehicle operable so as not to require towing at all. While the business name already carries the word “towing” to describe one’s service, adding an image of an orange triangle as logo would denote extending assistance to a roadside emergency.

Experiment by Using a Free-to-Use Online Logo Designer

Choosing the right color/s, fonts and size for your logo is also important, since these elements have their own subliminal messages to convey.
However, the best way to find out if the colors and fonts you have chosen are projecting the right effects, try experimenting with different designs using a free online logo maker.

Show the designs you created to family members and friends whose opinions have always served as valuable inputs to your decision making; or to someone you know to be an expert in visual designs as that person may have other suggestions on how you can improve your business logo.

While the location of a towing business is also important, using a symbol or title that best represents the area where you provide towing services, allows for easy recall.

Towing Services for one is a company that uses a straightforward brand name. A visit to its website immediately gives the impression that it is a service-oriented type of company that is into towing san jose vehicles on a 24/7 basis, as a form of assistance and not as an instant money-making scheme.