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Principles of visual design

These elements are naturally present in any good layout design. For fourteen year olds looking for gifts, design can play an important role.

Reification and Closure

Humans can recognize objects even if parts of them are missing. That is reification. Closing forces you to see a white square in the next subject instead of four broken circles in the picture. Your brain compares what you see with familiar patterns deposited in your memory.

The relative size and the figure-ground relationship

As the name suggests, there is always a layout or a reason and there is always a figure above it. The trick is that you can swap the figure and the reasons to show the items you want.

White space

Spaces are not exactly the spaces. You are just that space on the canvas where there is no element. The spaces, sometimes called negative spaces, help designers emphasize important information while separating different types of information. White space is one of the most important and important design principles.


You have seen the importance of alignment in all facets of your life. Whether it is architectural structures, food display, clothing, room layout, layout design or a hardware design that you are talking about in this principle. Alignment offers your design a calm look and makes the page easier to read. This also helps group the text logically to highlight the hierarchy of elements. The most important and easiest way to follow this rule is for consistency.


It means to distinguish one thing from another. It can be done in a number of ways, except just with contrasting colors. This can be done with completely different text, with different sizes and of course with contrasting colors. This is mainly done to get the reader’s attention or to focus on something important.


This is the arrangement of elements to bring the reader’s attention first to the main elements and then to the less important and then the less important than before.


Another way to become consistent is repetition. You can use a color palette and use the colors all over the place in your layout. You can also use a specific header or text style to create a similar type of content. This also makes it easier for the reader to understand the content of your layout.