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New Website Including Link Building

Many businesses are currently exploring the development of a new website, and link building is essential to increasing the search engine ranking of a page or website. Even with the assistance of an expert web developer, website operations sometimes fail. And this is currently defined by the consumer, and you may read more about link building serviceĀ to know the importance of link building while constructing a new website.

A good preparation

When it comes to creating a new website, effective planning is half the fight. You don’t want to discover halfway through the creation of your website that something isn’t quite right and have to start over. That is why, before you begin creating a website, it is a good idea to jot down some ideas. The aim Why do you want to create a website? Who is the intended audience for this website? What do you want to display and convey on your website? These three items will assist you in completing the remainder of the plan. This is something you must keep in mind throughout the procedure.

Start with SEO link building to make your website discoverable

Your customers also use Google in their search for products. So why not use the information Google gives you about their search behavior? On the basis of keyword analysis, you gain insight into the words that your target group uses to search for products and services. And more importantly, how they look for solutions to the problems they have. Even if search engine marketing isn’t your main channel, this is a smart approach. You learn which words your target audience uses. Those are very often not the same words that are used within your organization. It is better to use the words that your target group uses on your website than the internal words. After all, they are more recognizable for the visitor of the website.

The website structure

The site structure is one of the most important parts of your new website. A good site structure ensures that visitors get to the page where you want them in a fast and correct way. You want to gradually guide visitors through your website and make it clear what you do exactly. You also want to lead visitors to goals that are important to your company. This can be an online sale, but also a request or a download.

Menu and footer

In your site structure, you also pay attention to the structure of your menu and the footer. These are important navigation elements for your users. Use recognizable terms in your menu. Note that the terms give a clear picture of what the visitor can expect. Finally, you give the conversion pages a clear place in your website structure. This forces you to think about how the visitors will achieve their own, but also your goals.

The technique

Building a new website is a challenging process that most companies outsource to a web builder. Justly. If you want to have a professional and successful new website, a specialized party can help you best. In addition, it is also nice to have your website hosted carefree by a hosting company, with which you can switch quickly if you have any questions. We ourselves are a partner of Intention and we have positive experiences with our own website hosting and that of our customers.

The design

It’s time to get a little more creative! Now it’s time to design the website. When you set up a new website, your corporate identity must be reflected in the design of your website. That ensures recognisability. You want to have the right logos, colors, and fonts across all your means of communication.