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Towing Website Design – Make It Match a Motorist-Friendly Service Provider

Ever since the towing industry adopted a business model that also focused on providing roadside assistance to motorists, maintaining a website became important. The relationship between motorists and tow truck operators has dramatically improved in line with the shift to a motorist-friendly business model. Current statistics show that as many as 411,000 people search for providers of truck towing services, accessing websites that usually land at the top of Google’s search page results.

Like any other business, towing companies need to establish an online presence. Competing online is a lot different since certain elements must work together in order to attract target customers looking for a friendly towing company.

Important Features and Elements of a Towing Company Website

Inasmuch as websites act as the virtual place of business, the visual design and elements of a towing website must also form part of a company’s marketing plan. Social media promotional content and advertising ideas must be supported by a website that can provide the information and access to functionalities sought by existing and potential customers.

Mobile Responsive and Friendly Website

Keep in mind that towing truck customers are typically drivers who need to have the assurance that a truck towing company will respond to their call for assistance at the quickest time possible. These customers are mobile most of the time and therefore using smartphones, tablets or laptops when on the road. A website that is mobile device responsive will work perfectly when connected to the user-app, since the content of the website is automatically reformatted to either shrink or enlarge elements, and fit all types of mobile phone screens.

Search Engine Optimized Features

As mentioned earlier, in order to work effectively as an online representation of a business, a website must be search engine optimized. That way, the ability to draw customers in visiting the website is enhanced by its ability to land at the top of Google’s or any other browser’s search page results. Meta descriptions, company logo, tags, keywords, headings, formatting, user-friendly menu, site security, page speed, authority and links are some examples of features that make a website very visible to search engine crawlers.

Built to Respond to Calls for Action

Web visitors accessing the website want to contact a representative of a towing company and may do so through the website. It’s important therefore that the website is easy to navigate. Providing clickable links and action buttons that will take them directly to the information or action they need from the truck towing company will make a website visit an enjoyable experience.