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Basics Of Visual Design For Business

Visual design is a design that visually conveys information using images, illustrations, photographs, letters, etc. Also known as visual communication design, there are many opportunities to see it in everyday life, such as posters, magazines, and websites. Businesses such as keychain capsules for everyday carry make use of visual design concepts to attract customers.

Basics of visual design for keychain capsules for everyday carry business


The layout is the arrangement of things. Layout knowledge is utilized in any medium, such as posters, magazines, and the web. They say that the human line of sight moves in a Z-shape for horizontal writing, an N-shape in vertical writing, and an F-shape in websites. Determine the layout according to the movement of the line of sight, such as placing important information at the starting point of the line of sight. Place highly related items close to each other. Place less related items apart with a margin. In addition, the design is easy to see by creating an appropriate amount of white space without cramming too many elements.


Color matching

When the color scheme changes, the image of the visual design also changes greatly. Each color has its own image, such as red for passion and green for nature. It is important to choose a color that matches the concept, not just because it is fashionable. The main color that is most used in visual design is called the dominant color. The accent color is used as the complementary color of the dominant color. Generally, one dominant color and one or two accent colors are used, and the ratio is said to be 6:3:1.


Typography is one of the most difficult elements of visual design. When it comes to design, you may want to choose a stylish and elaborate font, but basically, it is better to give priority to readability and choose a font that everyone is familiar with.

However, based on the concept, you may use decorative fonts when you judge that “decorative fonts are good”. Readability is important in typography, but the placement of letters also has a lot to do with readability.

If the line spacing is too narrow or too wide, the text becomes difficult to read. Especially in the case of long sentences, if the line spacing is too wide, it will become dull and difficult to read. The basic text color is black. However, it is also effective to change the text color for readability.

In order to be able to make visual designs, it is important to learn this basic knowledge and then create a lot of work and acquire practical skills.