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Beauty: Flaws and Lackings

There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but what if you are full of insecurities and you keep on comparing yourself to other people? What should be done to be contented with the beauty one has and appreciate it even more than other people?

Women are likely to always see themselves to other people and then get disappointed after realizing that they are not good enough. Bringing themselves down and even losing the gained self-esteem. Worst, bring other women down as well instead of lifting each others up.

Why is that so?

Because.. we are living in a world where people set their standards high and we are afraid of not reaching them or not being qualified. We purchase a lot of beauty products, wear heavy make-up, imitate the way they dress, adjust the wardrobes we have just to follow the trend. These things are not bad, these are actually normal. What actually is not right is doing these things just for other people or to please everyone. Because the right thing to do is to please yourself.

Pleasing yourself means having so much self-love. You will not be able to be true to others if you are not genuine to yourself. Trusting your guts is really important because it is also having faith on you and letting other people see that you are good. This is not a pretention at all. It is simply acceptance of your own flaws and embracing it, coming out of your shell and making yourself comfortable with what you actually have.

Branded make-ups, best cologne for women, sexy clothes, elegant ones, are expensive. Products might work, actually it will really work. Visually, physically you will be confident. However, it will always go back on how you really feel about yourself, which, is the most important thing one should consider before giving other people some love.