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“Radical or not, flat, green, open and shaded places for people to gather are precisely what we need more of in Los Angeles… Let me go on record, then, as supporting it: In a city as lacking in attractive and accessible park space as Los Angeles the last place we should be banning lawns is in the civic realm.” — Christopher Hawthorne of Los Angeles Times

“The winning scheme, if built and ultimately successful, would cement Downtown L.A.’s status as one of the city’s distinct and vital neighborhoods.” —The Architect’s Newspaper

“There is something that is wonderfully kind of clear about it, and it is elegant.”  –Frances Anderton, host of DnA: Design & Architecture on KCRW

“This plan comes closest to realizing the holy grail of good public squares, which is providing people a place to stage their own programs, spontaneously and unpredictably, without micromanagement by designers.” –Wade Graham in Los Angeles Times

“If we can support rich guys who want to show off their art collections, we can certainly get this cash together to make L.A.’s original park vibrant for the people again.” –Dennis Romero of LA Weekly

– Airtalk on 89.3 KPCC
City Councilmember weighs in on design choice for Pershing Square, and how homelessness will factor into its remodel,”
featuring José Huizar, May 13

– Arch Daily
Agence Ter Selected to Redesign LA’s Pershing Square with Proposal for “Radical Flatness”,”
by Vladimir Gintoff, May 13

– Attractions Management
Agence Ter win international design competition for revamped public park in LA’s Pershing Square,”
by Kim Megson, May 13

– Los Angeles Times
Op-Ed: “Pershing Square’s new design is flat and simple – and that’s a good thing,”
by Wade Graham, May 13

– Next City
Why Winning Park Design Is a Win for Los Angeles,”
by Josh Stephens, May 13

– Press Play with Madeline Brand on 89.9 KCRW
The New Vision for Downtown’s Pershing Square,”
featuring Frances Anderton, May 13

– Archinect
Agence Ter and Team wins Pershing Square Renew with “radically flat“ proposal,”
by Justine Testado, May 12

– Curbed
Here is the New Design For Hated Pershing Square,”
by Bianca Barragan, May 12

French Architecture Firm Wins Pershing Square Design Competition,”
by John Gregory, May 12

Agence TER and SALT Win Competition to Redesign Pershing Square,”
by Frances Anderton, May 12

– LA Downtown NewsFrench Firm Chosen to Redesign Pershing Square,”
by Eddie Kim, May 12

– LA Weekly
Radical” Design Envisions DTLA’s Pershing Square as an Actual Park,”
by Dennis Romero, May 12

– LAist
The Winning Bid For Downtown’s Pershing Square Has Been Chosen,”
by Julia Wick, May 12

– Los Angeles Times
French landscape firm wins Pershing Square competition with call for ‘radical flatness’,”
by Christopher Hawthorne, May 12

– Los Angeles Times
Pershing Square through the years,”
May 12

– Los Angeles Times Photo-Slider:
Pershing Square, Then and Now,”
May 12

– Los Angeles Times
From the Archives: “Pershing Square’s 1994 redesign concept was aiming for ‘humane’ and ‘romantic’,”
by Larry Gordon, May 12 (originally published Jan. 29, 1994)

Pershing Square’s new look? ‘Radical flatness’,”
by Hillary Jackson, May 12

– Patch
Panel Chooses French Designer’s ‘Radical Flatness’ for Pershing Square,”
by Paige Austin, May 12

– Take Two on 89.3 KPCC
Agence Ter picked to redesign Pershing Square,”
featuring Christopher Hawthorne, May 12

– The Architect’s Newspaper
Agence Ter selected to redesign L.A.’s Pershing Square,”
by Antonio Pacheco, May 12

– The Real Deal
French firm Agence Ter chosen to redesign Pershing Square,”
by Cathaleen Chen & Katherine Clarke, May 12

– Time Out Los Angeles
Take a look at the winning redesign for Pershing Square,”
by Michael Juliano, May 12

Agence Ter and Team win the Pershing Square design competition,”
by Damian Holmes, May 16

Agence Ter and Team wins Pershing Square Renew to redesign DTLA’s oldest public park,”
by Justine Testado, May 12

Winner of LA’s Pershing Square competition announced,”
by Nick Myall, May 13